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Transparent PNG Images

What is png?

Portable Network Graphics is an extension of the PNG format that we can describe as a brand new visual format. The PNG format was originally introduced as an alternative to GIF.

The PNG format uses LZW compression algorithms. It provides excellent features and advantages for images shared on the Internet compared to GIF and JPG formats.

PNG supports transparency without causing loss of quality. So it is a great advantage for visuals. Another feature of the PNG format is that it has both 8-bit color and 24-bit color support. PNG, a lossless format, reduces the size of the images and does not affect their quality. PNG is extremely powerful.

PNG format images have better quality and stronger structure than the pictures in other formats. Also backgrounds of png images are transparent. this transparency is a big advantage for using as picture in png format.

What is Transparent?

Transparent are pre-made images used in graphic arts to represent any medium. To clipart is widely used. The clipart comes in many forms, both electronic and printed. TransparentSilhouette